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Once upon a time, actually it was in 2006,  in a town in good old Germany, a couple of people, all interested in fetish, were having a drink and some fun. Along the way the idea of an international award for the fetish people came up. So the International Fetish Award was born, a domain registered and then – the baby get lost somehow. Not really lost, but priorities changed and whenever it was about to achieve the project something, we call it life, was standing in its way.

Finally in early 2013 it seemed to be the right time to get the baby on its way to public. The Fetish Evolution Weekend celebrated its tenth birthday on the Easter weekend and that seemed to be the right stage to showcase the International Fetish Awards.

And here we are, having a lot of work behind the curtains. Like getting the jury together, setting up all categories properly and finding you many ways how to participate to the awards. So this web will grow along with the steps we finish.

But one thing we already know:
The award winners will be announced at a very special Event in Autumn 2017 organised by Fetish Evolution Weekend. And, isn’t it a bit like the Oscars, all nominees will get together there and have a great time.

If you want to apply, find the terms here.